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Can COLOR really improve your chances of Success?

Your success depends on being noticed. How do you know if you’re memorable for the right or the wrong reasons? Color gets you noticed. Color is your signature. Color keeps you in an environment of positive movement toward your success, if you use color to your best advantage.

In her new book, The Color of Success, Why Color Matters in your Life, your Love, your Lexus, Mary Ellen Lapp reveals how the colors we wear, and the colors that surround us, even the color of the car we drive, impacts our self image and affects how we are seen by the people around us. She explains what our color choices say about us, and how to use color to look and feel your best.

This book, to be published by LifeSuccess Publishing, explains how to make your own best color choices rather than following the crowd. Mary Ellen familiarizes even the novice with the power of color and provides simple color solutions to guarantee yours is an image of success.

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