"Your choices of colors in every area of your business and personal life can have a major impact on others. This book shows you how to tap into this magic."

Brian Tracy Author of "The Way To Wealth"

"The Color of Success reinforced for me the importance of the self image in reaching goals. Mary Ellen Lapp spells out the simple steps to form a solid self image from the inside out."

Paul Martinelli, President LifeSuccess Consulting

"Being seen and getting noticed, two requirements of success, are presented in a new way in Mary Ellen Lapp's insightful book. The Color of Success should be required reading for everyone before they set out on their journey of success."

Ric Thompson, Co-Founder Healthy Wealthy n Wise

"It's so simple, like attracts like, the Law of Attraction. In The Color of Success, Mary Ellen Lapp entertains and explains attraction, the magnetic force that brings success."

Joe Vitale, Author of "The Attractor Factor," and the forthcoming "Zero Limits"

"I was shocked at the power that color has. Since reading The Color of Success, I now look in the mirror a whole new way."

Kevin Wilke, Co-Founder Nitro Marketing

"Mary Ellen Lapp's writing paints a colorful picture of how looking good and feeling good create the masterpiece called you. The Color of Success shows you how."

Joe Borrello, PresidentTasters Guild International

"You are unique - in all the world, there is only one expression of YOU! Mary Ellen Lapp brings to us The Color of Success as a creative way to help you discover and highlight your very own unique self! Enjoy!"

Carol Gates, Author of "As You Wish" and President of Coaching for LifeSuccess Productions.